Judy Ossi - 1-Star General - STL for 3D Printing

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Product Description

Judi Ossi is General Nefret Azima's right hand. She is a magnificent orator that can inspire acts of heroic brutality in her troops. She carries the Azadi Death Front banner into combat. She commands General Azima's personal retinue so her beloved friend can focus on leading the entire regiment to victory campaign after campaign.

General Ossi is equipped with a Company Banner, a 50cal Rocket-Slug Pistol, and a Chainsaw Sword strapped to her hips.
This makes her a perfect leader for your forces.
Or the ideal choice for your commander's retinue of veterans.

Judy is PreSupported and optimized for 34mm Wargames.
But since you receive her as a 3D model, you can choose to rescale her to any size in your slicer.

This is not a physical model. This digital file is intended for 3D printing.
When you purchase Judi Ossi you are buying an STL file.
You will need to print the model yourself.
This purchase does not come with commercial reseller rights.
The model is exclusively intended for personal use.

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