Azadi Death Front Premium Army Deal - STL for 3D Printing

Product Description

Meet the Azadi Death Front

Brave female warriors. Adept killers and guerilla warfare specialists.  
These fearsome ladies of the guard will gladly rip your foes a new one.
Field them as a Fierce Detachment or as an army in their own right.
Assemble them in countless combinations to build the Army you need!

What do you get:

With this Full Army Deal you get the following miniatures:

  • Lt. General Nefret Azima with two HotShit Laser Pistols and a Chainsaw Sword
  • 1 Star General Judy Ossi with company standard, a 50Cal Rocket Slug Pistol, and a Chainsaw Sword
  • 5 Azadi Death Front Troop Torsos
  • arms with a laser rifle
  • arms with flamethrower
  • arms with air-plasma-cooker
  • arms with a grenade launcher
  • arms with a laser pistol and Chainsaw sword
  • arms for operating heavy weapon platforms
  • 3 Sets of Azadi Death Front Troop Legs
  • A selection of preassembled troops for quick printing
  • Heavy Machine Gun Emplacement
  • Heavy Laser Cannon Emplacement
  • Mortar Emplacement
  • The Qirkirin Armored Assault Vehicle
     Combat Cannon Turret, Gatling Cannon Turret, 2 HotShit Blasters, 2 Thunderbolt blasters

All models are PreSupported except for the modular body parts.
We understand that support-settings can be very personal so we have also included all minis without supports.

These miniatures are digital products in STL format and need to be printed, assembled, and painted.

By equipping the troops with different arms you can make a diverse selection of troop types. You can create laser gun-toting footsloggers, special weapon specialists, or veterans.

These models are scaled to fit right in with popular 34mm Heroic wargames.
But you can rescale them to your liking in your slicer before you print.

We recommend printing these models on a UV Resin printer.

These models are for personal use only and may not be, shared, remixed, or redistributed digitally or physically.
They are not intended for commercial exploitation.
For our commercial licenses please check out these arrangements.

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