5 ADF Troops with Flame Throwers - STL for 3D Printing

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Product Description

These 5 ladies will scorch your enemies to a crisp. The Azadi Death Front is known for its penchant for immolating the heresy out of their opponents.
With Holy fire in their souls and their barrels, they shower heretics with licks of unforgiving flame.

Use these ladies as special weapons operatives in your units.
Or field them as specialist veterans in a unit of their own.

These PreSupported models are optimized for 34mm Wargames. 
But since you receive them as 3D models, you can choose to rescale them to any size in your slicer.

These are not physical models. These digital files are intended for 3D printing.
When you purchase these troops you are buying STL files.
You will need to print the models yourself.
This purchase does not come with commercial reseller rights.
These models are exclusively intended for personal use.

If you want to sell physical prints, casts, or painted renditions of our models, you can find our commercial licenses here.

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