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If you are involved with wargaming on a professional level, you expect different things from your Resin 3D Printer than the average hobbyist.

You will need features that don't come on standard consumer level printers. You need reliable network connectivity. You need prolonged screenlife. You need a sturdy build. You will prefer metal features over plastics.

Sadly, most professional 4k 3D Printers cost an arm and a leg to acquire. Most printers in this tier start at $6500. A bit hefty for a young company in their start up or scale up phase.
Imagine having to sacrifice almost an entire month worth of sales to pay of one printer.
That's not economically viable for most young companies in this space.

The hobby industry can be lucrative. But we're nowhere near getting that juicy "dentistry money". And Since Dentists make up the majority of the Professional Business-to-Consumer 3D printing demographic, you will see printers priced accordingly.

That's why we are sharing the most affordable printer we've discovered so far A 3D Resin printer  that can produce prints to a professional standard.

Brands like Phrozen predomenantly focus on wargamers and RPG fanatics. That's why they are bringing this technology  down to a more realistic price range for entrepreneurs who are active in the hobby scene.

This printer is perfect for people who need to prepare master models for casting. Or for companies that print entire armies and large vehicles at once. Professional Scenery Printers will benefit from having printers like these in their arsenal as well. 

This is not a review. We are in need of more printers ourselves, and we discovered this gem on our buyer's journey. We will buy this in 2021 because we are convinced they will prove of great value to further our business. As you know, we develop and distribute high-end designer miniatures for wargames and role playing games.
Testing our models on professional machines helps us understand the desires and needs of our resellers.

Phrozen Sonic XL 4K

This machine is a beast. It's completely unimaginable that Phrozen was capable of bringing this power-player to market under $2,300.-
I don't know how they managed to do this but just look at this killer.

Phrozen XL 4K  3D Resin Printer


  • XY Resolution: 50 µm
  • Print Speed: 90 mm/hour
  • Printer Size: L11.4 x W13 x H18.5in
  • Layer Thickness: 0.01 - 0.30mm
  • Print Volume: L7.5 x W4.7 x H7.9in
  • Printer Weight: 19.5kg
  • Ethernet port
  • Wireless
  • USB

The state of the art Monochrome LCD technology allows you to reduce curing time to 0.2 seconds per layer when using 4K resins.
Regular/Basic Resins cure flawlessly at 4.5 seconds per layer.

This 4k UV Resin 3D Printer can reach printing speeds of 90mm per seconds. That's perfect for fast prototyping. For highly detailed "god-tier" prints you can lower your lift speeds accordingly.

For miniature wargamers and competition painters, nothing is more important than the smoothness of the surface. That's why this printer is perfect for professionals in our hobby. The layer-height can go all the way down to 0.01

The build area has a cross diameter of 8.9"
Thats a rediculous amount of space. This will let you print a full 32mm Heroic Scale Tank in a single session. Imagine banging out a full siege engine or a great big scary demon in just one run.

Its full metal body makes it the ideal printer to fit right into a busy workshop. No fragile plastic UV hoods. No danger of dust corrupting your resin vat. No dirty stains defacing your printer.Its Sleek and Sturdy design are features that will make your workshop pop.

Getting your feet wet

If you don't have a customer base yet, and you are in the earliest stage of launching your 3D Printing start up, we recommend you to explore a high-level consumer printer first. Just so you get a taste of the process you are getting into before comitting to a professional printer. Check out the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K here. The best Large Build Plate 4K printer for serious hobbyists today. 

The Best 4k Resin

If you want to take advantage of everything that the world of 4K UV Resin Printing has to offer, it only makes sense to purchase high-quality 405nm 4K resin

Why invest in a 4K printer if you won't benefit from the extraordinary speed and detail these machines can print at?

The average High Detail resin costs north of $150 per liter.
Phrozen however won't stand for such rediculous prices.
And they are bringing you high-quality 4K water washable resin at around $30 per liter. Yes you've read it right. That's exactly how much a super basic regular resin costs on Ali Express. 
They're selling professional resins for basic resin prices.
I've ordered 12 bottles and I am happy I did. 

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