"When you print faster than you can paint,..... some help is required."
-Every 3D Printing Wargamer in the history of 3D Printing for Wargames Ever.

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Matt Cleaver




There comes a moment in every tabletop gamer's career, where you outprint yourself.
You start 3D Printing miniatures faster than you are able to paint them.

This also happens when you buy ready made kits Nib/Nos.

Plastic Crack is a hell of an addiction.

You can tell yourself that you will slow down, and stop buying/printing.
But if you are afflicted by the cursed blessing that is miniature wargaming... You know better.

Having your models painted by a pro, is not exclusively for the people who think painting is the least fun aspect of the hobby. 

I understand that there are a lot of people who only want to game, make dioramas, or war tables, but there are also plenty of reasons, for people who love to paint, to look into a painting service for their 3D Printed miniatures.

You just discovered a kick-ass new army.

But you allready have 10 projects in motion.

Full of Hybris you printed 700 orks that one intoxicated weekend when you first got your resin 3D printer. And now they're standing there.
Taunting you.

Just pull the trigger, and put yourself out of you misery. You need HELP

Find the commission painting service that best suits your needs! Kick back, relax, and get your models sent to you. Pro Painted (No eBay)

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These Killers Both Print and Paint



Raoul Perez


SushiBoy Simon


Best 3D Printer for Miniatures
Best 3D Printer for Miniatures

If you feel you cant print fast enough though. It might be worth Looking in to these professional miniature painters right here. Not only do they paint a mean mini. Print Game Strong with these guys!

You might not get access to the elite painters above, (with the exception of or favorite painter TheMarCusMini)but there is a definate value in not having to pack and ship all your minis across the globe. Just have these industrious entrepreneurs print for you and ship your order to you straight from their workshop.

This will do nothing to help you with your back log though. In a sense this will only make things worse hahahaha.

Pro Tip
Read the reviews before investing in a gig! Wear your big boy pants and do your own research!



Marcos Minis


Amber Funk


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