Phrozen Mega 8K - The Best Resin Printer Available

This May, 3D Resin Printing Savants at Phrozen3D announced the first consumer-grade 8K Printer for miniatures and busts.
8K printers were around for a while but only available to people with specialized businesses. Dentists and Architects get all the cool toys first :P
But Phrozen3D brings the 8K Printer into the reach of hobbyists.

And they have managed to make it suprisingly affordable.

The Phrozen Mega 8K
is a uv resin printer that works with any Photopolymer UV Resin.
It has a huge 15" buildplate. This means you can easily print off a good sized bust or an entire detachment in a single print run.
Being able to print 50 miniatures at once is a game changer that realizes great savings on the most valuable asset any wargamer has.


ThePhrozen Mega 8Kis a God-sent for those who need hyper detailed giant monsters and complete dioramas in their life.
It's already possible to print an entire monster in one run with the Phrozen Mighty 4K (one of the best consumer printers on the planet), but printing two  monsters at once is even better!!! Or a Single Huge one lol.
The Phrozen Mega 8K has front opening doors. So you no longer have to fight with a sticky and clumbsy UV hood. Wich is a real win in our book.

Is it the Best 3D printer for Beginners?

Depends on what experience you want out of your first printer. And on what budget you imagined for your first Resin 3D Printer.

We've written a whole guide that can help you determine what you want from your printer, and how to learn if a printer suits your specific needs.
Truth be told, it doesn't matter on what resin printer you start, if all you want is to get an idea if you like this facet of the wargaming hobby at all.
I mean, you already know you love miniatures. You already know you want to save money as compared to buying overpriced storebought kits.
You already know you are a crafty person, otherwise you wouldnt even bother researching 3D Resin Printers.

So yeah. If you want the best possible quality, and a Huge 15" buildplate. Yes. By all means. Start with the Mega 8K.
But if you are short on space, are not to fussed about details and quality.  Or if you are on a very restrictive budget.
You should definately look at simpeler and cheaper/older printers first. 
Check out this guide
if you need help with getting started in 3D printing miniatures.

Is this the best Consumer 8K 3D Printer?

At the time of writing, this is the ONLY affordable 8k 3D UV Resin printer.
This immediately makes it the Best 3D Printer for conusmers.
But that's not a recommendation that does the Phrozen Mega 8K any justice.

Phrozen has built an exemplary trackrecord of creating wonderful 3D Printers over these last few years.
The Phrozen Mini, the Mini 4K, The Phrozen Mighty 4K,.. each of the Mega 8K's "predecessors" is a force to be reckoned with in its own right.
Phrozen3D builds its consumer printers to the highest standards. The 8K is no exception.
I have blindly ordered one the minute It went up for preorder. Because I know and trust Phrozen when it comes to delivering top-notch gear.

Once I receive my Mega 8K, we will do a full review on it on our blog.

My heart is pounding with excitement. And I can't believe how affordable it was.
This machine is an absolute game changer. Finally, Consumer Resin 3D Printers can make large prints, such as we are used to with FDM 3D printing. Imagine the metric shit-tonne of terrain and scenery we can bang out now?
This takes the whole hobby to a new level.

Imagine printing 50 presupported miniatures at once!!
Imagine printing out a whole tank chasis with all its turret options and crew variations in a single print run.
If that doesn't get your blood racing, you might not be the wargamer you think you are ;)

Are these prints getting too big to cure?

If you print a gang load of 32mm heroic scaled miniatures, nothing really changes. You can still cure your minis the way you are used to with your 2k and 4k printers.

But imagine printing a huge dragon. a 15" buildplate is not exactly a small footprint.
You would have to end up slicing your model in pieces for it to fit in your current curing solution.
But fret not...

Phrozen is also releasing the "Phrozen Cure Mega"
A curing station fit to process prints of the maximum print volume/size

Best 3D Printer for Miniatures
Best 3D Printer for Miniatures
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