Best 3D Printer for Miniatures

The Ultimate Guide to 3D Printed Miniatures

3D printed Miniatures are rising in popularity.
4K Resin Printers are now more affordable than ever.
Both for Professionals and for Hobbyists.

For the longest of times, 3D printed minis were inferior to plastic models from top tier publishers. Ugly layerlines and blurry details ruined the appetite of professional painters and serious wargamers.

But you will be elated to find out that, nowadays, the quality of a good 4K Resin print easily rivals the level of detail found on classic injection molded minis.


How to make 3D Printed Miniatures

A 3D Resin Printer
You will need a Resin Printer to make the best looking miniatures.
Some people will tell you that an FDM printer will do just fine. But trust us. It wont.
Don't fret. the days of $7000.- resin printers are far behind us.
You can get in to 3D printing miniatures for RPG's and wargames with a machine of around $130. And you don't even have to wait till Black Friday to score such a deal. As there are plenty of Entry level 3D Resin Printers available at that price point.

405nm UV Resin
You will also need some Resin. Each printer is different. But most consumer level 3D Printers are compatible with 405nm UV resin.
There are many different sorts and brands available. You can order them on dedicated 3D printing sites, or discount aggregates like Ali Express.

STL files
You need STL's (a file type of a fully rendered and printable 3d object). At 40Emperor we sell STL's of Alternative Imperial Guard Models. Our Female Imperial Guard Models are amongst the most detailed available right now. Get your free Mini by signing up for our newsletter in the footer. Or Grab yourself a set from our webshop.

USB stick
You will need a usb stick.

Any USB 2.0 stick will do.

For a detailed Guide on how to print your 3D printed Miniatures
Please read this article

How to Clean up 3D Printed Miniatures

Most resins can be cleaned with 95% Isopropanol alcohol.
You can buy a 10 liter jerry can for about $25.

Some people prefer Dasty, Simplegreen, Windex or Ajax.
I personally prefer Iso and BioEthanol because its available at any store that sells fuel. And its dirt cheap. Literally under $2 per liter.

You will need Nirtile Gloves. A Corona mask. And some simple protective glasses.

Most printers come with a stucco/spackle knife to remove prints from the buildplate. 

Step 1
Remove your prints from the buildplate with the spackle knife.
Make sure to have them land on a towel or piece of cloth as they are covered in resin. You do not want resin on your table or desk.

Step 2
Dip the models in hot water and remove the supports.
afterwards immediately dip the models in a tupperware filled with your cleaning solution. 

Step 3
Clean your models with a soft toothbrush while submerged in your ISO or BioEthanol.
If you printed hollow models make sure the ethanol gets on the inside too. As excess resin can crack or ruin your model over time
Alternatively you can submerge them in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with bio ethanol.

Step 4
Rince your models in cold water.
If by this point they still smell of resin, submerge them in the ethanol once more and rince them off with cold water.

Step 5
Cure the models under a UV light or in a curing station.
Depending on the size of your model this may take from anywhere from a couple of seconds to 15 minutes.

Once all the shine from the resin is gone and your models is 100% dry to the touch, your model is ready.
Over curing can lead to yellowing or cracking. So do not cure something for hours on end.

Step 6
Use a metal clayshaper or a nail file to get rid of all the support pocks.

For a more elaborate and detailed guide on cleaning 3D Printed Miniatures please check out this guide

What is the best 3D Printer for Miniatures

Everyone else expects something different from their printer.
Some want speed and details. Other desire the cheapers printer possible. Some want a silent printer. Others are looking for a bundle that combines a 3D Printer with A Curingstation and A Washing set.

We've made several guides to help you determine what suits your personal preferences best.

We are really charmed with Prhozen. We personally think that the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K is the best resin 3D printer for miniatures.
And the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K for Scenery, Vehicles, Busts, and Monsters.

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