The Sisirk War Walker

Walk all over your enemies!

Tomorrow, on December 24th 2020, we will release our new War Walker; The Sisirk on

Designed by Alberto Luna and Mike Acosta, based on a concept by 40Emperor's Rachid Garti

Stretch Goal

The Sisirk, Persian for "The Cockroach", was developed as a stretch goal for the Azadi Death Front Kickstarter Campaign last Fall.

It will be delivered by mail to all of the Backers who supported at the Basic or the Premium Army Deal pledge levels.

For those of you who missed out on the kickstarter, we will be uploading the Sisirk War Walker to our vehicles section over the next few days! You will be 3D printing these badgirls in no time!

The Sisirk is 3.5"(8.5cm) tall and comfortably fits on a 60mm base.
But since its a STL file for 3D Printing, you can easily rescale it to any size. Nothing's stopping you from making it stand 4.5"(11.5cm) Tall and glueing it to a 100mm base.

The Sisirk has room to mount 3 Weapons. Those are optional mounts, because it looks just as good with just 1 weapon as it does fully decked out.

The Sisirk comes with a multitude of weapon options. There is something for everybody. Lay down a barrage of death on your opps. Mow down your enemies on the playing field. Become the envy of every player at your club, with your unique warwalker!

Moarrrrrrr Stretches!!!!

We will also be stuffing your stockings with the second stretch goal we produced.
The immensly talented Mike Acosta created a large selection of Sci-Fi weapons you can use as an expansion to your modular Troop kit! The set contains of all the weapons held by arms, that perfectly fit your current modular troops set, as well as all weapons separately without arms. Those are fun for conversions or creating weapon dumps as objectives. Be creative. Surprise us. 

To get a sneak peak of what tomorrow will bring, check out our previous Stretch Goal Update

Both our Basic and Premium Army Deal Backers will receive the set by mail.

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