Strech Goal Teaser!!! Update 1

The Mobile War Walkers

Hi Friends!

It is time to have a closer look at our first Strech Goal:

The Azadi Death Front Mobile War Walker

We wanted it to communicate insane speed and nimbleness but at the same time make sure it looks extremely deadly.
To make it a relentless Warmachine we wanted to be sure it looks as aggressive as possible.
Industrial and disgusting. Polluting and crude. A
 real non-renewable resource waster. Smoke stacks, big old engine block. Lots of soot. 

So we called on our Concept Artist Alberto, and put him to work.
We will regularly post updates on his work!  Keep an eye out for more!


Alberto Luna's War Walker

A first look into what will become the ADF Mobile War Walker

Help us Name it.

In our Next Update we will present you with 4 possible options for the name of this walker.
We'll try and throw in a little poll and the majority rules!!!
We will serve you up 4 powerful Kurdish or Persian words that sound like they mean business!
And you Guys, 'n Gals, 'n Non-binaries, 'n Trans-humans pick the one that sounds the most mennacing to you!



The walker will easily fit on a 60mm base. Its Belly will be roughly at the heigt of the roof of the Qirkirin.
The positions of the legs is something we are going to leave to Mike. We're going to ask him to make one static that looks like it's patiently waiting for the right  moment to pounce.
and one more dynamic that looks like its in full murderous rampage!
There will be an armored version and one with a visible pilot. Both cockpits/fussilages/bodies will fit on both sets of legs.
The walkers will come with a good selection of weapon options.
You can either choose to magnetize your walkers, or just print as many as you want and equip each one permanently with a different load out.

Optimized for Resin 3D Printers

The War Walker will be optimized for Resin 3D printing. This Alternative Guard vehicle will be pre-supported.
It will be a multi part kit so you can fully assemble it or paint it in sub-assemblies.
We will also include all parts as un assembled STLs for those of you who like to smack down supports yourself.
We will make sure every part of this kit will fit in a basic entry level 3D printer.
All of you out there with a larger build plate can probably print an entire war walker in a single go.

The way things are looking right now, is that we will have the war walker "completed" in a week or seven.
and then we will support and test print it several times to see what offers the greatest success rate and how we can optimize supports for easy cleaning and minimum scarring.
If all goes well you will be able to add the Azadi War Walker to your force before long!

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