The Armored Sisirk - Mobile War Walker for wargames

Meet the Sisirk!

We put the new name for our walker to the vote last week!
And the Tribe has spoken! We welcome Sisirk into our range!
Sisirk is the Kurdish word for Cockroach!  A name that made it to the shortlist because a lot of people on the 40Emperor facebook group were commenting on the bug-like qualities of the design shown in the early concept art! And what bug is more tenacious than a roach right! We expect to see the Sisirk hold her own in combat and guide many a pilot to a resounding victory on the battlefield.

Alberto did a magnificent job smacking some color on the Sisirk.
And check this beauty out now! Isn't she a beast?
The Talented Mike Acosta will now bring this vision to life.
Inspired by the work of Alberto, Mike will optimize the design for practicality.
But that's not the only thing Mike will do. Mike will think of how to tell a story of speed, hatred, and aggression with the pose, balance, and attitude of the model.
When Mike sculpts, he thinks of the painter as much as the printer! He creates interesting panels to highlight, grooves to blackline, rivets to pin-wash, and heaps of raw metal to weather to your heart's content.

The Armored Sisirk

As some of you might already know, the Sisirk will also come in a Armored variant.
For those pilots that don't long for the feeling of a sandstorm or a hail of bullets blowing through their hair.
The armored fuselage will be interchangeable with both sets of legs.
And just like the open-topped Sisirk, the armored roach will be able to carry two weapons and a dreadful chainsaw into battle at the same time.
The Sisirk will be a multi-part kit that is easy to print, fun to assemble, and a joy to paint. The model will be designed with home 3D Resin printing in mind. The Sisirk will come in several pieces so it can be printed on entry-level printers with a small build plate as easy as it can be printed on a large desktop 3D printer.

In our next blog, we will look at the weapons the Sisirk will carry into battle.

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Hope to see you there!
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