Progress on the Sisirk Armored War Walker

Stretch Goal Update!!!!

Good news! The Development of the Sisirk Armored War Walker is on schedule!
The extremely talented Mike Acosta managed to capture the essence of Alberto Luna's magnificent concept art to a tee. Mixed with Mike's killer expert insights into what makes for an easy to print model, this collaboration gave birth to what we feel is nothing short of an amazing kit.

The basic build for the Sisirk is now complete. We are now moving into detailing.
Mike will play with the pose. We will double check interchangability of the bodies with the leg sets. Crossing the I's and dotting the T's so to say ;)

Below you will find some teasers to the model so you can check out its weapon options. Keep in mind that the model still looks static as it hasnt found its final pose. The model may change over the course of december.

Let us know what you think about the Armored Sisirk on our Facebook group!

are you looking forward to printing this model?  What game will you be using it for? Are you going to blow it up to be a hulking Behemoth? Or will use it as a skirmish bot on the frontlines with the rest of the girls?

Can't wait to find out what you are planning to do with the Sisirk!


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