New Alternative Weapons for the ADF

Strecth Goal Update

The Sisirk, alternative walker, is now being test-printed  and in its final stage of optimization. We will be able to fulfill the first stretch goal very soon!
The second stretch goal is also underway. So lets take a look at the additional alternative weapons for the Azadi Death Front that are coming this December.

Our ambition is to turn the ADF into a fully fleshed out faction. A true force to be reckoned with on the playingfield. That's why we need every scifi weapon from every scifi war- and skirmishgame represented with a strong "counts as" alternative.  
Take a look at how our brilliant Designer Mike Acosta tackled this assignment.

100% Compatible

All arms are completely compatible with the current line of ADF torso's. And since they are 3D files you can rescale them in your slicer to work with torsos from other manufacturers.

We are now currently looking into porting that compatibility to future female troops we are developing so you can get even more value out of this pack.

The first two stretch goals will be shared with all the Basic and Premium backers from our Azadi Death Front Kickstarter campaign. The new weapons will also be added to a new ADF troop builder product.

Separate Weapons

A lot of our backers requested we would also include the separate weapons in this stretch goal.

So that's definately something we are working on too. We hope you will have a lot of fun kitbashing your ADF models. The Azadi Nation is Proud of your Support in the cause to rid the planes of Mirdar off the Rwina State for good. With your continued help we will be able to eventually purge the entire Planet of Malak! 

We would love to find out what you think of this expansion set on our Facebook Group!

New Product!

We have added our first Scenery Set to the webshop!

Premium Backers received a coupon for this item last week! If you haven't checked it out yet, make sure to grab your coupon before it expires!
Have fun dressing up your games with these kick ass pieces of scatter scenery.

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