Modern Female Imperial Guard for Wargames

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We are still on track to deliver our third and fourth stretch goals by the end of the second week of March 2021.

Your reinforcements are inbound!
If you backed or followed our kickstarter late last-year, you might know what we've been up to already. For those who've only recently discovered our range of 3D Printable models for Resin printers, let us lift the veil!

Inspired by Modern Peshmerga

Our Kickstarter campaign, titled: "The Azadi Death Front" focused on raising a female regiment of imperial guard units.
The aesthetic of the Azadi Death Front is loosly based on the intriguing Peshmerga forces of the middle east.

For our debut we chose to emulate the look of the more traditional factions.
But the Peshmerga forces boast a wide range of different styles and dress types.
So it was only logical for us to create an elite unit that looks more modernized.

The Talented Alberto Luna worked with our concepts on previous collaborations, and did so once more for this new line of elite troop choices.

Kolonel Cezakar

These deadly Imperial fighters have been trained by the gifted Kolonel Cezakar.
She is allergic to leading from the back, and she believes there is no honor in abusing your rank to stay out of combat.

Many of her peers deem her insane. But she has lost her lover Corporal Cinsî to the Riwna State. She has vowed to make them share in her pain.

As you can See Kolonel Cezakar is loosly based on an actual high-ranking Peshmerga commander.
We wanted to have the Kolonel look like a strong determined killer that can lay down the law.

The Models

The Modernized ADF troops have been expertly sculpted by the legendary Mike Acosta.

Our backers on Kickstarter have mailed on several occasions to ask if we could increase the modularity of our miniatures. That they would like helmeted options, and that they would enjoy more modern fatigues to set the elite troops apart from the regular footsloggers from our initial campaign.

We took as much of your constructive criticism to heart, and we have developed the following set.

Let us know what you think on our Facebook group! Feedback is always welcome! 

These miniatures are 3D files intended for home printing. They will come in STL format to be compatible with the most popular slicers and both newer and older Resin 3D Printers.

If you are looking to get started with 3D printing, we recommend you to read this Beginner's guide to 3D printing Miniatures. It's a great look into what it takes to field an army of 3D printed wargaming miniatures.

If you are interested in printing in a 4K resolution, we can't recommend the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4Kwarmly enough.
It's a game changer.

All of our  miniatures are downloadable files that need to be printed, assembled and painted by you! We can't wait to see what you do with them!

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