Limited Edition Phrozen XL 4K Coupon

Save $850 on the Sonic XL 4K

Our Friends over at Phrozen3D have agreed to give us a one off, exclusive coupon. If you have a 3D Printing studio or a Print Farm than pay close attention. Because this news rocks!

As a start up or scale up, it can be extremely hard to barter for batch discounts on the products you need to run your business. That's why we have taken this liberty for you. We have received a one off unique coupon of $850,- to be used on a purchase of three units of Sonic XL 4K devices.

The Sonic XL 4K


  • XY Resolution: 50 µm
  • Print Speed: 90 mm/hour
  • Printer Size: L11.4 x W13 x H18.5in
  • Layer Thickness: 0.01 - 0.30mm
  • Print Volume: L7.5 x W4.7 x H7.9in
  • Printer Weight: 19.5kg
  • Ethernet port
  • Wireless
  • USB conectivity

The Best Professional Entry Level Resin 3D Printer

Best 3D Printer for Miniatures

We are convinced that the Sonic XL 4K printer will further our business in 2021.
Check out if this machine is also suited for your goals.

We think it's the ideal printer for professionals active in the wargames and RPG industry.

This printer combines speed with precision. Thanks to its 8,9" buildplate you can Print a whole Tank or Monster in a single session.

Time is your most precious asset.
Saving valuable time will propell your business to the next level.

How the Coupon works

We've only received a single coupon.
So that means that the first person to discover it and uses it to purchase a set of three Sonic XL 4K printers from this site, will receive the $850,- discount.

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