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Perfect for Bloggers, Vloggers, and Site Owners

We launched our Affiliate Program on ShareASale today!

If you have a site and love to write articles, opinion pieces, make comic strips, create vlogs, or video items,.. this is perfect for you! We are looking for creative people that would like to become our Affiliate.

Whether you own a coupon site or an art blog, you are welcome to join our program

If you cater to the Hobby space there is a good chance your audience will like our products. If you refer them to us, you get a sweet commission over everything they spend in our webshop. At no extra expense to the customer. Your commission wholly comes out of our margin. If you help build our brand, we are more than happy to reward you for your efforts.



We will reward you with a royal commission of 10%. Your commission can easily escalate if you consistently send us hot traffic that converts!

We offer you the best conditions in this industry
✅10% base commission per referred sale
✅ 45-Day Tracking Gap!!!!!
✅Regular bonuses for top performers
✅Regular emails with marketing Tips and Tricks
✅ High Converting Target Site
✅ Quality Assets and Creatives
✅ Products ranging from € 17.5 to € 650,-
✅ A Marketing team dedicated to your success
✅ An Affiliate Marketing Manager with over 7 years of experience on ShareASale


Join us and start earning right away!


What is Affiliate Marketing?

A Merchant always needs traffic. One of the traffic strategies a website can adopt is Search Engine Optimization. SEO for short. Search Engine Optimization focuses on getting as much Organic, Referral, Direct, and Social traffic as possible.

Organic search traffic is all the traffic that finds your site immediately through a search engine results page. That's why it is important to have our site rank as high as possible for the searches that are important to us. 

Referral traffic describes all the traffic from sites that link back to you. Referral traffic comes in many shapes and forms. The one that is especially interesting for website owners in eCommerce is traffic from so-called Contextual Backlinks. These are links that link to your site from a piece of valuable content. Website owners spend a lot of time trying to earn, hustle, or buy backlinks from valuable sites in their niche. The more traffic flows through those backlinks, the better your site is able to rank in search.

It gets even easier to rank in search if the quality of that traffic is of a high standard. The better the content the backlink is surrounded by, the more valuable the traffic that flows through that link becomes.

Links from relevant sites with valuable content are extremely coveted. That's why Merchants, like us, host affiliate programs

They invite people in their niche to sign up. And they pay them a commission for every sale they refer. The people that accept the invitation become Affiliates. They take their unique links from the merchant's affiliate program, and they use them in the content on their site. They can also build social backlinks, by using their affiliate links in their posts on Social Media Platforms or on Social Video Search Engines such as youtube.

Affiliates don't just dump their link everywhere. That wouldn't get them much clicks. They either already have content that they think would match perfectly with the audience for a specific offer. Or they create new relevant content to feature an offer. Other people have coupon sites, and they inject themselves into the buyer's journey of consumers looking for a specific product. They give the potential customer the last nudge in the form of a discount coupon to go and buy something from the merchant! There is no one style of Affiliate Marketing. Your creativity is the limit.


So What kind of Audience are you looking for?

40Emperor is looking for traffic interested in buying STL files for home printing their own wargames figures. So these are typically people with an interest in both 3D resin printing, as well as tabletop wargames, skirmish games, and sci-fi RPGs.

Typically the audience in this Niche is between the ages of 23 and 60. Although there are always exceptions you will find the bulk of the potential customers in this age bracket.


Is this some kind of a Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Your success as an affiliate depends on your effort, creativity, and eagerness to get insights and to learn from those insights. If you don't put any legit effort towards creating something valuable your visitors can enjoy, you are not likely to get any clicks. 

So no. Affiliate Marketing is super easy. Yes. But you have to make the effort.  Affiliate Marketing is the perfect way to monetize your site, youtube channel, Social Media presence. Successful affiliates never just back one program. They identify the strongest offers and the most generous merchants in their niche. And they combine multiple offers on their sites and in their content to optimize their income. 

In my years as an affiliate marketing manager for several international brands, I've seen affiliates making 3 sales in 7 years. And I've seen affiliates making 100k a month in commissions, solely off of the program I was managing. Your success depends on your grit, and on how much you actually enjoy creating valuable content.

Oh, that sounds like a lot of work!

It's less work than working in a supermarket. It's less work than laying brick. It's less work than you'd have to do in a beauty salon or in the average office environment. But it's work none the less.

If casual blogging or vlogging isn't your thing. And the thought of becoming a website owner or content creator is offputting to you... Affiliate Marketing isn't for you. You shouldn't bother signing up

It's only fun if you enjoy it. If creating content, running ad campaigns, optimizing for search, comes naturally to you this opportunity is a shoo-in. 

If you are new, don't worry. Everything can be learned.

But you'd have to genuinely enjoy it, to be able to make any kind of serious income from Affiliate marketing. 

Having said that, you don't have to be a pro to get started with our program. If you want to learn. You are more than welcome. We will regularly send you tips and insights on how to drive traffic that converts. On how to get your sites ranked. On how to optimize your pages for performance. We actually love coaching you to a level where you feel confident and see results.

And if you are already a pro. Talk to us. Show us what you can do. Let us know what assets you need. Strategize with us. Collaborate on campaigns. We want to see you do well. We love the idea of giving back to the community.

So if you think this is fun! By all means, join today and start earning commissions over every sale you refer to us

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