Get a Free Premium Army Deal

(Semi) Pro Painters and Creators Wanted!

From the Hero Image you can probably see that I can't paint that well !! haha!
That's why we are looking for you!

If you are an avid wargamer or model painter, chances are that you share your work online. 
Are you a (semi) pro? Are you constantly looking to create fresh content for your Youtube channel or Instagram page?
How about a collaboration!?!

Your skills! Our toys!
Our Premium Army Deal consists of a wealth of high-quality 3D Printable Pre-Supported Minis.  
If you meet certain quality and engagement requirements we are willing to give you our flag ship product 100% Free of charge.

Need  an idea  for your next video or your next post, let us help you along!
Just print and paint one of these three minis(100% Free) 

Post a video of at least 59 seconds to your insta or youtube channel featuring those minis and we will contact you!
We will look at your skill, size, and engagement and explore a possible collaboration with you! 

Smaller Artists might get a Unit or a Character. Artists with above average reach will get the entire Premium Army Deal gifted to use in their content. You don't need a 100k+ Subs or 2 million followers to qualify.
We are looking for talent, engagement, and positivity above anything else! 

Not a pro painter? No Problem!
We are not only looking for painters. If you make lovely battle reports or create amazing wargaming videos of any type, just wow us with what you got! It's all about making enjoyable videos.
Do that, and you are welcome to have your hand at these minis and show us what you got.

Share your Video with us!
Tag @40.Emperor on instagram, or mail the URL of your youtube video to info[@] after you publish! And we will get in contact with you as fast as we can! If you want the entire 40Emperor Tribe to see your work, don't forget to post your video to our Facebook Group.
Make sure your video is at least 59 seconds long!

Monetize your Effort!
If you want to make some money off of your post, join our Affiliate Program here
That way we can pay you for every paying customer you refer from your stories, video descriptions, or bio!
Send us 10 customers in your first week and we will permanently raise your commission with an extra 5%.

Don't have a Printer yet?
3D Resin Printers are super affordable now.
Check out our favorites here. And if you are completely new to 3D Printing Miniatures for Wargames, check out our beginners guide!

Can't wait to see what you do to these gorgeous minis!!!!

Have fun!!

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