Help us Choose a Name for our Walker

Strech Goal 1 - Update 2

The Mobile War Walkers

Hi Friends!

It is time to have another look at the development of our first Strech Goal:

The Azadi Death Front Mobile War Walker

We are on a quest to have a speedy and nimble Murder Machine made!

Spewing out soot and belching lead, plasma and laser volleys.

Alberto is drawing up a storm!

Look at this ultra thicc Laser Cannon and that strapping Heavy Stud Gun
These are two of the first concepts for weapons Alberto has shown us.
We want the weapons to look clunky and unsophisticated.
Just efficient enough to get the job done!  But more intimidating that any of the Azadi Guerilla tribes have seen before. These weapons are sexy enough to convince every woman of fighting age to join the Azadi Death Front and Follow General Ossi and Lt General Nefret into combat!

The relentless screams of their enemies as they are being cut down by the war walker's mighty array of weapons is what empowers our warriors! Droves of eager guardswomen scramble in the wake of these Gorgeous behemoths.

Help us Choose a Name  for this brute!

To keep in theme with this army we've chosen 4 Kurdish/Persian names that we feel sound coarse and intimidating enough to be fitting for this hulking Behemoth.
Join our facebook group and find the announcement for this post. It will have a poll that's open for 3 days. You can vote for the final name there.
MirinDeathSiSirkCockroachEjdihaHoly DragonHers
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Let us know what you think about this model! Are you as excited as we are?
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