Black Friday Filament Discounts

Black Friday Discounts on FDM 3D Printer Filament 

Due to the small build plates of the majority of 3D Resin SLA printers on the market in the consumer price range, FDM printing is still extremely popular with wargamers and RPG buffs who enjoy fielding scenery and terrain pieces. A lot of people, myself included own several printers. Like me, you might also have an FDM printer you might fire up once in a while to print the occasional ruin, tree armature, building facade.

If during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales festival, you'd be able to save a couple of bucks, that would be a great boon. I tried finding my favorite PLA (eSun) But I couldn't find it anywhere. I still needed a couple of spools of PLA and ABS so I went out looking for attractively priced 1KG (2.2LBS I think) spools.

I can't recommend any of these based on personal experience. But I ordered a bunch of them and I am curious to find out if I will discover my next favorite brand.  Below you will find a list of favorably priced filaments for FDM printers. Make sure to check if the diameter fits your device before you order.

Attractively priced Spools of Filament


Anet 1.75  1kg PLA Spool - $11

  1. Made of good quality PLA material
  2. Compatible with most of the 3D printers
  3. It is stronger and more rigid than ABS, and in general, the printed objects will have a more glossy look and feel compared to ABS
  4. PLA is a common type of filament which is derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, tapioca roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane. It Biodegrades in 140 years.
  5. PLA allows higher print speed, more accurate placement of material with proper cooling and thinner build heights, because of this it has less resistance coming out the nozzle.
  6. Low Odor

Anycubic 1.75  1kg PLA Spool - $11

This site advertises this spool to be Anycubic brand.... what do you think?
Is this one legit?

  1. Wire diameter: 1.75 ± 0.5mm
  2. Density: 1.25 ± 0.05g / cubic meter
  3. Length: 340m
  4. Print speed: 40-100mm / s
  5. Printing temperature: 195-230 'C.
  6. Flexural modulus: ≥ 60MPA
  7. Tensile strength: ≥ 60MPA
  8. Plastic wire diameter: 1.75mm
  9. Elongation at break: ≥3.0%
  10. Melt flow rate: 5-7g / 10min (190 'C, 2.16kg)
  11. Applicable machinery: 3D printer

Creality 1.75  1kg PLA Spool - $24

The site offers new members a $20 discount coupon.
So that cool!

They do however say that their current batch looks different from their pictures. I Guess I will see HOW different when I get these spools in the mail.

1. High purity
2. High precision, tolerance control within 0.02mm.
3. Good tensile strength, ductility, fluidity, high toughness, and low weight.
4. Improved wire coil
5. Suitable for 99% FDM printer in the FDM Market.
6. PLA material
7. Odor free

CCTree 1.75 1kg ST-PLA Spool - $22

The site offers new members a $20 discount coupon.
  1. 1kg/roll, 100% virgin material without cheap plastic fillers or regrind
  2. Tolerance ± 0.05mm, Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant
  3. Several times tougher than regular PLA resulting in improved strength and impact resistance
  4. High rigidity. Good glossiness, Superb layer bonding
  5. It is more modified with more flexibility and can store at least one years
  6. Spool Size: diameter 195mm + inner hub 55mm height 60mm
  7. Diameter tolerance is within ±0.02

Anet 1.75 1kg PLA Spool - $24

The site offers new members a $20 discount coupon.
  1.  This is industrial material manufactured for professional FDM use
  2.  Diameter: 1.75 ± 0.1mm
  3.  Print temperature range: 180°C to 200°C
  4.  15 colors to choose from

In Conclusion!

Remember. Just because a filament is made from Tapioca or Cornstarch... Doesn't make it "Biodegradable" Biodegradable. A lot of these cowboy ass marketing teams think that if something, over the course of two centuries, eventually degrades, that it means that they can put biodegradable on the label. It's still plastic. Dispose of your garbage and misprints in a responsible fashion. 
It's also worth considering that some of these heavily discounted filaments might be pretending to be something they're not. We wont know untill we receive them. That said. Theyre cheap. And if it causes me to have to clean my hothead a couple of times extra, it still might be worth it! Who knows!

Have a Happy Holiday season!!!
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