Black Friday Deals for 3D Printing Miniatures 2022

Top 3D Printer Brands this Black Friday

The absolute undisputed Champions of home 3D Resin Printing are going deep this Black Friday.
Get Free Shipping + 25% Discount on their choice selection of powerful bundles.

Anycubic has some lethal 3D printers out there that absolutely slay. Check out their amazing discounts of upto 45% on a healthy selection of devices and accessoires.

Elegoo is a decent price-fighter. Wonderful machines. Deep discounts of up to 50%

Cheapest 3D Printer for Starters

119 usd. But with coupon: DTF8YQ7M6X21
You get an additional 20 usd off... bringing this sick ass beginner's printer to 99,- usd !!!!!

Sickest deal. EVER. 
Must have for starters on a budget.

The best and most affordable 8k Printer on the block right now. Coming in under 530 usd.
This is THE model for competitive painters.

Also. Free Shipping for US Based hobbyists.

The M3 Plus is arguably the best 6K printer on the planet right now. At 430 usd this beauty is a steal.
A very good option for people that prefer playing over painting.

Black Friday Resin Deals

If you are a hardcore printer! (like we are) you use Black Friday to stock up on a year supply of Resin.
A 1kG bottle of resin can easily cost north of 12 euro to ship. During Black-Friday-campaigns you often find shipping and tax-free deals on resin.
We've ordered several hundreds of Kilo's of resin. And saved at least 2000 euro on shipping costs alone. If you have a small 3D printing business. Now is the time to score a serious haul. If you are a hobby printer on a budget? Same goes for you. Saving money on resin might just be what you need to pack that extra hobby punch!

Phrozen has elite resins. Whether you are looking for Flex, Strength, or hyper detail, Phrozen has some of the most devine resins we have printed with. 8K resin, 4k resin, Water Washable resin.
Best thing is: 25% discount on a selection of bundles. But if you order over 800 usd worth,.. shipping comes off. And that's where you start saving BIG TIME.

Anycubic has really really really slashed prices on their ABS-Like resin. Theyre going upto 55% deep.
If you enjoy ABS-Like (perfect for 2k,4k, and 6K printers) than this could be one of the biggest Black Friday scores out there for people that need fewer than 10 Bottles.

Elegoo is known for their Bio Resins. 
And their excellent range of translucent Resins.
Although they havent included any 4K and 8K resins,they do offer a selection of Resisn for as low as 19 euro per KG. This Deal is only for Europe.
If you are in the UK, Asia, Africa, Oceania or the US you are better off with Phrozen or Anycubic.

Black Friday FDM Deals

If you want to make sturdy scenery you are best off with a FDM printer.
They are super horrible for miniatures, but the prints are much stronger. For terrain pieces such as houses, dungeon tiles, rocks or tree armatures they are wonderful. You can also print painting utensils, paintracks, cupholders, and pallettes on them.
Anycubic has sweet deals starting at 189 usd. Check out their Kobra Go
Their filament is also going at dump rates. Get two rolls of high quality FDM filament for under 40 usd

Our Personal Preference

We are not biased. We have Printers from a lot of different brands.
We enjoy Anycubic machines. We Adore Elegoo machines.
But we LOVE Phrozen 3D Printers.
  Phrozen machines are by far the most quiet. They are dependable, and Phrozen's standards for customer success  are unrivaled. If you buy a Printer from Phrozen... they make an effort to get to know you. They form meaningful relationships with their customers. And that's special in this high-paced turbulent world of E-Commerce and perfomance marketing.
The fact that they sincerely care about their customers has made an enormous impact on our sense of comfort with their Printers.
Their Machines are top of the line when it comes to consumer tech!

That being said. Anycubic and Elegoo make gorgeous machines too.
What ever you base your choice on. You will not be disappointed by Phrozen, Anycubic, or Elegoo. They are all extremely tuned into what the miniature hobby demands from a good kit.

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All of our models are presupported and have been extensively test printed on the following machines:

Phrozen Mighty 8K

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Phrozen Mighty 4K
Anycubic Photon M3 Plus
Elegoo Mars 3
Elegoo Mars 2
Elegoo Mars

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