Black Friday 405nm Resin Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts of 405nm Resin

If you have a consumer-grade, desktop 3D resin printer chances are you are blasting through bottles of 405nm resin.
Getting a discount on UV resin makes it a lot more affordable to print the things that you want to print.
I myself (Rachid) stockpiled nine 1-bottles of resin and saved myself a shit load of money going into December and beyond. Resins come in all different qualities and price ranges. We compiled a list with Resins that are now (heavily) discounted during this season of sales!

You can never have enough 3D printing resin. So take advantage of the products we found. In order to make it to our list, we decided that petty $2 USD coupons would be ignored. A bottle should at least see a 5% price reduction. And where possible even more.

Check out the list below. Before you buy anything, please check out if your printer works with 405nm resin. We don't want you to poor some nova3d resin in your Form3 and ruin it. For easy reference, grab an old bottle you've used already and see if that says 405nm. If you have never printed before, look at the specs for your desired printer and make sure it has a 405nm UV screen.

Discounted 3D Pinting Resins


Anycubic Basic Resin (4 colors) - Save 33%

Let's start with my personal favorite deal. For every 2 bottles you buy, you get the 3rd one free. That's an effective 33% discount. I love Anycubic Basic resin. It easily lets me print 100 34mm scaled miniatures at a cost of $40 per bottle. If you are one to throw around all your minis, this resin is not for you. its flexibility is non-existent, and its of average strength. BUT if you are looking for a lot of bang for your buck. This resin is perfect. Sturdy finish. High detail. Perfect resin for careful gamers.

Esun PLA like Bio Resin - 30% off

I haven't tried Esun Resin myself yet. Big fan of their filaments. But I haven't had the pleasure of using their resins so far. That being said, I have seen enough videos to know that people generally feel that it is quality stuff. With a 30% discount that means you can now pick up a full liter of Esun Bio Blue for around $36
That's good value as far as I am concerned.

Resione Tough ABS like Resin - 5% Discount

With only a 5% discount this resin comes down to $73 per liter.
That might sound a little bit rich for a bottle of resin. But as people who are experienced with resin printing are likely to know, not all ABS-like resins are created equal. This is a very tough resin. If you were to print a brick with it. You can easily throw it through a window. Not that I recommend that kind of behavior. But if you are looking for extreme toughness in your mini's and scenery this resin represents the move to make!.
Jamghe Bio Resin - 30% Off
Eco-friendly schmeko-friendly. Resin is still toxic goo from hell. Stating that something is eco-friendly because it's less damaging than another product is kind of a bitch-move. But hey, that's the cowboy-era of 3D printing for you. That being said. Excellent resin. Low Odor. EXTREMELY  high detail. If you want to get the most out of your 2K printer this is the way to go. This resin is totally wasted on people with a 480p screen. And it's also not 4k Resin. But for 2k,... this is probably as good as it's going to get. The price is... something else though. at $165 after discount... it's not a choice to make lightly. I can literally buy a pretty decent 3d printer for the price of one bottle. But hey. Maybe you are that one competition painter that hasn't realized they need a 4k Printer yet. Then this resin is right up your alley. I made the mistake of buying it once. The results were so spectacular that I didn't even whine about how much it hurt my hobby budget.
Nova3D Washable Grey Resin - save  25% 
I'm not going to lie to you. If this was the Nova3D Novastan translucent clear resin... I wouldn't have even put it on our site. That's how crap that resin is based on my personal experience. But I can warmly recommend the Grey resin. It's a very good basic resin. Decent detail. Sturdy minis. Worth every cent you spend on it. With its $56 per bottle its a little bit steep for a "discounted" bottle. But if this is what is available in your geo, you will definitely not regret trying this washable resin.

In conclusion

Remember that Bio-Resins are marketed as green, but they are still hazardous to the environment. And water-washable resins are in fact washable in water. But that doesn't mean you should flush that water down the drain or toilet. Please take the proper measures to dispose of your cleaning liquids.
Don't get resin on your skin and dance around in the sunlight! Apply common sense when handling 3D Printing resin.

We hope you enjoy the discounts!
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