Alternative Female Imperial Guard Models.

Most alternative Imperial Guard models are extremely expensive.
Female representation on the tabletop is very important. But most models are hyper-sexualized. We create battle-hardened realistic female warriors that look like Killers rather than Beach Babes. 3D printing your own models keeps building an army affordable.

Stuck with the same models for 12 years

Imperial Guard players have been stuck with the same old kits for far too long. We have had to make do with little bulky men who all look identical for over 12 years.  That's what we have available to build our ranks.

Even though the existing guard models are fully modular and semi-posable, you will have to be quite adept in the arts of model crafting to make them truly unique.
Ordering bits from third party sites can get costly very quickly. It’s not uncommon for them to be 3 times as expensive as full Games Workshop models.

When I started my Astra Militarum collection 4 years ago, I was dead-set on having an army that had both male and female units. I spent hundreds of euros trying to source female imperial guard models. And I ended up with underwhelming results. I often had to pay upwards of 2 euros for a single female head. Only to find out that their heads were either too large or too small to look good on a basic Cadian body.

Strong Female Soldiers that actually look like soldiers.
Fierce Guardswomen that can hold the line.
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Why are all female minis Hyper Sexualized?

The full minis I found had their own problems. 
Most of the female Astra Militarum alternatives I came across were Hyper Sexualized. It just doesn’t feel realistic to field models whose priority lies with cosmetics and appearance rather than murder, violence, and attrition warfare.

If you study female soldiers in modern wars, you see that their gear and flak-jackets muddle their hallmark female shapes, and you see that their physique often resembles that of an athlete rather than that of a pageant queen or porn star. 

Certain body types are obviously more successful in sustained combat than others.
I'm not saying wasp-waisted ladies can’t fight, but they do not make up the majority of the women in actual theatres of war.

Even in Hollywood’s Action Movies, female actors like Kiki Layne, Mila Jovovic, and Charlize Theron, are all built like hard-bodied surfers, rather than ladies you’d expect to see in a Baywatch or Brazzers feature. They’re all gorgeous. Don't get me wrong. But they sell the part of being comfortable in combat.

Most Alternative Guards Models are Extremely Expensive

The non-sexualized, female guard miniatures I did manage to find were so expensive in terms of shipping costs, that they cost me an arm and a leg to fly in. 
Building a high-cost army like that is just not sustainable.

So I thought long and hard. And finally, I decided that it was up to me to force a change.

To create a line of alternative female models for the imperial guard, that looks exactly as aggressive as I need them to look. That looks like female warriors based in reality.

I also wanted to tackle the issue of enormously annoying cost increasing shipping costs. In my opinion, digital products were the way forward.

That's why earlier this year, my wife, my best friend, and I decided we would create a range of Female Guard Minis for home 3D printing. 

Lt. General Nefret Azima On the Frontline. 0 fucks given about makeup. All she wants to do is butcher Heretics and Mutants.
General Azima leads your force to Victory

Why 3D printing your own minis makes more sense

Resin printers like the Elegoo Mars, the Anycubic Photon, or the Phrozen Sonic Mini, are now so affordable, that anyone who wants custom units is better off getting themselves a 3D printer, than continuously having to buy overpriced third party units.


Although 3D printing takes some learning at first, ultimately it's very simple to get a hang of.
And a $35 bottle of 1kg, 405nm Resin can literally print you 150+ minis.
Many wargamers are already printing and fielding 3D printed minis for games like Warhammer 40K, Deadzone, Carnivale, Malifaux, Necromunda, Team Yankee, Kill Team, Bolt Action, Infinity, and many others.

3D printing at home is on the rise. This provides the perfect opportunity for us to supply players, who, like me, are searching for realistic female guard models with the alternatives they so covet.

The perfect Female Alternative Imperial Guard Models

Our Azadi Death Front range is a 34mm, heroic scale, line of female imperial guard alternatives. 

These strong women are based on current day middle eastern soldiers.
They are female freedom fighters who stepped up to the plate after decades of atrocities against their nation. They now want to liberate their continent and ultimately their planet of the barbaric, chaotic forces of Rwina. 

Under Armed and outnumbered, they are fighting a relentless guerilla war trying to drive the terrorist oppressors from their lands.
Long forgotten by humanity’s interstellar empire, they are isolated and alone.
Every day they fight to protect humanity from the tainted barbarism that tries to corrupt them.
Hoping that one day the fabled Keyser of Humanity will send his angelic reinforcements and welcome them back into the dominion of man.

You can read more about their lore here.


Buy a set once, and print as many as you want

On average, a box of 10 minis costs anywhere between 20 and 40GBP.

And if you are shopping with 3rd party designers 60 USD isn't an uncommon sight.
With digital products, you eliminate costs of storage, pick and pack costs, wages of everyone in distribution, shipping costs, and all the other nasty price-point increasing factors that are associated with physical products

The best thing about buying 3D printable files is that you can print the units you want as many times as you need.  And you only have to buy them once.
Can’t decide on a color scheme yet?  No problem. You can experiment as much as you like, and print more minis when you are satisfied with the way your minis look.

The cat jumps on your desk and destroys your favorite mini? 
Just print her again. I bet this time around you will give her an even better paint job!

You don't even have to print more than you can paint. 
Your pile of shame will halt in its tracks.
Because you only start printing more when you are 90% done with the unit you are working on now.

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