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The Premium Army Deal was featured on Broadsword Wargaming.

The Qirkirin Armored Assault Transport

Bring death to heretics in style. Comfortably carries 10 troops to the front line as it lays waste to vehicles and infantry with unmatched elegance.

✅Optimized for Resin Printers
✅Multi Part Kit
✅Sturdy Design inteded for heavy play

Female Troops and Characters Army Deals Vehicles

40Emperor Testimonials


There is a lot of detail on these models. I was very impressed

Oliver Fabian - Broadsword Wargaming

I think your sculptor is .....

Greg Kourakos - 3D Printing Pro

Thought I'd let you know that I really love the Qirkirin. It was fun to paint!

Marvin Espadon

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